Review: Introduction To Basic Electronics By Greg Carpenter

What is ‘Introduction to Basic Electronics’?

As the name suggests the downloadable ebooks, created by Greg Carpenter, offer a crash-course in electronics for anyone who is either fascinated by electronic gadgets, like to build gadgets or is employed in a field that requires them to understand general electronics better.

Unlike many complicated college textbooks, Greg’s guides are not filled with intricate mathematics and mind-numbing theories. You will be given a fundamental understanding of electronics, everything you may need to understand the projects you might come across as an electronics rookie, better.

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The ebooks don’t delve too deeply into digital electronics or integrated circuits but you will gain sufficient knowledge to enable you to at least read and understand a datasheet.

What is in the package?

ITBE consists of 2 primary ebooks that are fully downloadable in pdf format, a couple of interesting bonus ebooks and a handy collection of mp3 files that summarizes the complete contents of the course. The basic electronics tutorial can be found in the 2 main ebooks with the first teaching the basic of electronics in nine easy-to-comprehend chapters and the second, entitled Building Simple Circuits, focusing on exactly what the name suggests: the building of simple electronic circuits.

The following bonus ebooks are included as part of the all-inclusive package for only $37:

Electronic Terms

This is a very handy glossary incorporating the majority of basic terms that you may come across in while exploring the field of electronics. Being familiar with the basic terms pertaining to the subject will make understanding the rest of the material a lot easier.

Fun Electronic Projects

This collection of simple, yet interesting and fun electronic circuits have definitely been chosen for their ease.

Crystal Set

Never thought you’d be able to construct your own working radio receiver? Well now you can! The instructions are simple to follow and will have you wanting to build your own set the very same day.

Waves and Antennas

This is a well thought-out introduction to a somewhat complicated section of electronics. Building antennas and waveguides require some degree of mathematical prowess which will not appeal to everyone. A handy manual nonetheless.

Ohm’s Law Secrets

This ebook is actually the first one in the series that you should read as it will provide you with a lot of basic knowledge that will serve you well through the rest of the course.

Soldering Parts 1 & 2

There are many contradicting thoughts pertaining to these two manuals and although vague in some parts they are still relevant enough to bring a good deal of value to the table.

Contents list

The first book contains nine of the most important topics you need to be aware of with regards to electronics. They are each broken down into their simplest forms making them easy to understand even by someone who has no previous knowledge of electronics.

  1. Electric Current And Voltage – Getting The Electrons Moving
  2. Resistance
  3. Capacitance
  4. Inductance
  5. Alternating Current
  6. Transformers
  7. Reactance
  8. Impedance
  9. Semiconductors

Reasons to purchase the Introduction To Basic Electronics

  • It is a completely downloadable set of ebooks which means you don’t have to cart around heavy books. It is also a steal at only $37 which includes a 60-day money back guarantee
  • The books are extremely easy to understand. Greg does not over-complicate things unnecessarily. He has taken trying topics and broken them down into simple explanations –  an absolute must for any electronics novice.
  • Hands-on-experience is encouraged in the second ebook which consists of the simple DIY projects. Electronics is not a subject that can be taught just by theory. Practical exercises are imperative and Greg knows that.

Payment options

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In conclusion

Regardless of whether you are a total beginner when it comes to electronics or have been working on projects for many years, you find this guide by Greg Carpenter to be of great use to you. You will not obtain a formal qualification from reading the material but what you will get is a lot of insight into a field of your obvious interest.

There is no need for college-level mathematical equations the way these ebooks explain things. It is simple and will make learning about electronics a whole lot of fun.

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